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Dominique ‘Cronut King’ Ansel Unveils Patriotic After-Hours Dessert Tasting Menu

 Dominique ‘Cronut King’ Ansel Unveils Patriotic After-Hours Dessert Tasting Menu

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Dominique Ansel’s latest after-hours chef’s table dessert menu, Unlimited Possibilities, celebrates the American Dream

With dishes like “White Picket Fence” made with passion fruit, persimmon, MishMish, shisho jicama, confit strawberry, cherry tomato, and chervil, you know you’re in for a treat.

Dominique Ansel has announced a second iteration of his exclusive chef’s tasting menu, “U.P.,” which stands for Unlimited Possibilities. U.P. premiered last summer, featuring seven courses of desserts that showcase Ansel’s creative, unusual takes on the final course, featuring wine and cocktail pairings.

This time around, Ansel, a French-born pastry chef, will be exhibiting his patriotic personality with dessert dishes that celebrate the American Dream. Unusual ingredient combinations like potatoes and caramel, sourdough bread and cold brew coffee, and chamomile with apple cider vinegar are some of the flavor profiles at play with this menu.

Each dish will tell a story of a quintessential element of American culture, like the summery Carpe Diem dessert, described as a culinary throwback to the Roaring 20s: “In that spirit, a refreshing Summer Pudding with buttered brioche, huckleberries, buddha’s hand confit, crème fraîche whipped cream. And to top it all off, a sparkling juniper fizz to represent that free-flowing Champagne. To match, an actual Champagne - our twist on a French 75 made with Sloeberry Gin.”

Tickets for U.P., which begins in March at Dominique Ansel Kitchen, will be sold for $85 per person (plus $45 for cocktail pairings). Tickets will go on sale on February 19 at noon. Each seating will only accommodate eight people so they are sure to sell out fast.