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7 Nonalcoholic Beers That Don't Suck

7 Nonalcoholic Beers That Don't Suck

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Not long ago, there were just a couple of nonalcoholic beer brands on the market, none of which offered much in the way of flavor and diversity of style. Those days are now long gone, with big-box brands and craft breweries getting into the game, pumping out NA options including pilsners, fruit-forward saisons and Mexican-style lagers. And major players like Clausthaler and O’Doul’s are redesigning, offering new styles to keep up with the trends.

“With little to no innovation within the nonalcoholic beer category over the past few decades, this poses an exciting opportunity for brewers,” says Golden Road Brewing general manager Dan Hamill. “How can we bring full flavor to the historically bland product?”

The near beer market in America is still relatively small, but experts see a lot of room for growth due to growing wellness trends and millennial drink preferences. “The current NA space is 1% of the U.S. beer industry with over 5 million cases sold over the past year,” says Hamill. “But NA beer is expected to grow by double digits in the next few years with recent trends in health and wellness.”

Beer giant AB InBev, which owns Golden Road, has even set a goal to have at least 20% of its global beer volume be no- or low-alcohol by 2025, according to Harry Lewis, the VP of premium and super premium brands at Anheuser-Busch.

“We see the space as a huge opportunity in the U.S. for us to tap into a growing consumer desire for great-tasting options with no/low alcohol content,” he says. Others, like Athletic Brewing founder Bill Shufelt, don’t see the NA beer category as a flash-in-the-pan trend. “Wine, beer and spirits are great, but we just think they will occupy fewer and fewer occasions in the coming decades,” he says. “More than 50% of U.S. adults consume 0.1 drinks or less per week, and we intend to provide those healthy and active adults great-tasting beer, where previously they've been neglected by the industry.”

To celebrate the boozeless beer trend, we’ve put together a short list of brews that deserve your sober attention. These are seven nonalcoholic beers that don’t suck.

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