Happy salad

Posted by Bucataras in Salate
4 Feb 2013 | 5722 views

An excellent salad with which you can impress the nurse

Posted by Veronica22

Peel a squash, grate it and boil it in salted water. When the water boils, add the pasta and let them boil and then cool in the water in which they boiled to ...

Posted by adelin_a

The cheese is mixed with butter, put on the bread. The mouth is formed from the olives, the eyes from the carrot. From the rest of the vegetables the ears, the hair, the bow tie are formed.

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on 04.02.2013, 23:48
ooo daaa, it's really good!

on 04.02.2013, 23:53
but how good it came out. the combination of emmentaler, with apple and with that sauce was suuuuper!

on 05.02.2013, 00:50
Which nurse do you want to impress

on 05.02.2013, 01:29
I don't refuse ...

on 05.02.2013, 06:05
What an interesting combination you made there!

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