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Boil all the vegetables separately, let them cool. Boil the chicken breast, leave it to cool. Boil the chicken breast, reduce the amount. Chop all the vegetables (carrots, potatoes, parsnips, parsley), plus the chicken breast, put them all in a bowl. larger (I have a plastic bowl). We also put the peas, salt spices, pepper, mustard, mix them well. After chopping the pickles and squeezing them in my hand to remove all the juice, I personally chop first the cucumbers and I leave them in a strainer, until I finish all the chopped vegetables) we add them over the other ingredients. After we have finished chopping the ingredients, we move on to assembling and finishing the salad. We will put thinly sliced ​​donuts and black olives. The finely chopped egg white is like a Christmas snow. made two plates plus a bowl of salad, in full quantity, ma and above mentioned. We like beef salad with lots of chicken.

I wish you great appetite !!!

Boeuf salad

Boeuf salad


  1. a boiled chicken breast
  2. deboned and skinned
  3. 300 g parsley root
  4. 500 gr carrots
  5. 500 gr potatoes
  6. a large box of peas
  7. 2 hard boiled eggs
  8. 1 raw egg yolk
  9. pickles (& icircn depending on c & acirct of sour or
  10. you want the salad to be tasty)
  11. oil, a few tablespoons of mustard

Preparation: Beef salad

The potatoes, carrot and parsley root, wash very well, and then put in the shell to boil. They are cooked when the fork enters easily, but the middle feels a little hard.
Drain the water and leave to cool a bit. Then with a well-sharpened knife peel very easily. In this way the vegetable kept more taste, its sweetness did not go away with the boiled juice.
Boil the chicken breast without the skin, and then remove the meat from the bones.
Boiled vegetables, pickles, chicken breast are cut, all patiently, into pieces the right size with peas. Mix all with the drained peas, then add a few tablespoons of mustard and incorporate the mayonnaise made from 2 boiled eggs and a raw yolk.
It fits everything according to everyone's taste with mayonnaise and mustard. It is then placed on a plate and decorated according to everyone's skill.

What goes into this Romanian beef salad:

  1. Meat- Beef, chicken, or turkey are wildly accepted
  2. Potatoes- I use Russet potatoes or Yukon
  3. Carrots
  4. Parsnip
  5. Celeriac
  6. Peas- I like using frozen peas and cook them a little bit, but canned peas would also work. Just make sure you drain them very well before you add them to the salad.
  7. Pickles- like pickled cucumber and red peppers in vinegar
  8. May
  9. Mustard
  10. Salt and pepper

Other ingredients you can use:

What other countries add to this salad:

The salad is also widely popular in the Balkans / Eastern Europe. Sometimes salami or ham is added to the recipe, like in Bulgaria, for example.

In Spain, this salad is trendy and often served as tapas. It is called Russian salad and has tuna, boiled eggs, and roasted peppers. (See my version of the recipe here)

By the way, I am not an artist, so please be kind with my Christmas tree on top of the salad (see picture below). It is not the perfect one, but it was edible, so we were happy with it! & # 128578

& ldquoBoeuf & rdquo means beef in French for that reason, the salad is called beef salad. However, I also noticed that many Romanians use chicken meat instead, which is wildly accepted.

When I was growing up, though, the times were difficult, and the meat was scarce, so I don’t remember my mother ever adding meat to this salad, but I remember having this salad with beef on other occasions outside the house.

If you need a vegetarian salad, you can definitely leave the meat out and use only vegetables.

As you can see we have here a star that deserves your attention. It is versatile, easy to make, and so delicious.

The secret to a successful Romanian beef salad is to cut the ingredients really small. They are supposed to be diced.

My daughter loves this salad for the holidays, and she is happy to help to chop the ingredients, but she still has this memory from her younger years, when my bossy attitude came out, and I asked her to chop the vegetables again because they were too big.

I know I am not perfect. As I get older, I understand that it doesn't really matter how the vegetables look like in the salad.

When you smother them in Mayo, you cannot tell. However, my daughter still works really hard to tell them properly and now, that she is an adult and we love to have fun together in the kitchen, she scolds me if the carrots are not the right size. & # 128578

If I have to compare this salad to an American salad, this recipe would be the closest to the classic potato salad.

I used pickled cucumbers from the jars I canned in the fall, cucumbers that I usually buy at the Farmers Market.

I also used red peppers that I picked this summer, but I wasn’t able to write the recipe down yet.

Oh, the pile of recipes I want to share with you seems to grow every day, to my desperation! However, looking at the positive side, sharing recipes with you can keep us all entertained for a long time! & # 128578

These beautiful pickled vegetables are an awesome way to preserve goodies from the Farmers Market.

Sweet peppers, cauliflower, carrots, horseradish are all sitting happily in a vinegar juice combined with spices and herbs, waiting for the day when they can see the light of day in this beautiful beef salad.

Soooo, if you love this recipe, and most importantly, make it yourselves, please let me know. Take a picture and tag it with #thebossykitchenggk on Instagram so we can all see it. I always love to see what you come up with!

And don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. This is the easiest way to stay connected with my work. You can also join The Bossy Kitchen community group to share their creations made from this blog or their favorite recipes!

Beef salad revised

There are two things I don't like about beef salad: it should be pasty (ie chopped vegetables and meat) and mayonnaise. It seems to me that it is an unhappily chosen dressing room, at least for me and for my health. That's why I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review the classic recipe, for By the way, this is the last recipe I process before the holidays, but I will most likely come back in the fall with other traditional recipes transformed (of course no one closes the site, much less my blog, which I will continue to post ). Let's see what I don't know how to do this time:

I put the beef broth (no chicken, no turkey, no pork) to boil in water with a little salt. For 4 servings I used 600 grams, with bone and all. When it was half cooked, we put three large carrots, a parsley root and three potatoes, we did. I put the lid on the pot (pressure cooker) and after 20 minutes I put out the fire. I let the vegetables and meat cool slowly overnight.

It was simpler with peas, I just scalded it for three minutes, it was pre-cooked.

For the dressing I used two types of mustard, one sweet and one Dijon.

Pickled cucumbers could not be missed. Radish sprouts and cherry tomatoes are for decoration.

Now, at work: I chopped the vegetables into large cubes.

I separated the meat from the cartilage, skins and bones.

I crumbled the meat with my fingers.

I put all the ingredients in a bowl (I used three tablespoons of peas).

I mixed the mustard (four teaspoons in total) with three tablespoons of oil. I got a sauce with the consistency of mayonnaise but no egg. So lighter than a mayonnaise.

I mixed the salad with the sauce.

We got a lighter, healthier beef salad but with the same great taste that we all know from childhood.

CHRISTMAS RECIPES. How to cook beef salad, meatballs and sarmale

CHRISTMAS RECIPES. Pork is the star ingredient of the winter holidays. Thus, sarmalele, piftia and beef salad are traditional dishes that are not missing from the table of Romanians for Christmas. Below you will find the steps you need to follow to make the three traditional dishes.



â— 400 grams of beef or chicken breast,

â— 300 grams of red potatoes,

â— 200 grams of carrots,

â— 200 grams of peas (optional),

â— 200 grams of sour donuts,

â— 200 grams of cucumbers in vinegar,

â— 150 grams of mayonnaise,

Method of preparation:

The meat is washed and boiled in salted water, possibly with the addition of spices, ie a bay leaf and a few peppercorns. The vegetables are cleaned, washed and boiled in salted water. It is preferable to be cooked separately, and not together.

After the meat and vegetables have cooled, finely chop them, including the donuts and pickles - which are previously drained.

Mix the diced vegetables and meat in a large bowl and add the mayonnaise.



â— one kilogram and a half feet or head of pig,

â— a bunch of parsley,

â— 3-4 cloves of garlic (optional),

Method of preparation:

Wash and shave the pig's feet or head well with a knife. If they have hair, they burn in the flame on the stove. The legs are cut in half lengthwise and the head is broken with the butcher. Place in a large pot and cover with water so that the water level is 3-4 fingers above the meat. Put on the right heat and simmer.

Always froth, then add salt, cleaned and washed vegetables, bay leaves and allspice. Cover the bowl with a lid, leaving only a slightly exposed pan edge. Leave it on the fire until the meat comes off the bones easily.

Remove the bones and place the meat on the bottom of several plates. Grind the garlic, then add a little salt and mix with the juice obtained from the meat when it has boiled. Strain and pour the strained juice into plates on the meat, making sure that it is well covered.

The dishes with juice and meat are cooled to coagulate.



â— 3 cabbages of about 750 grams each,

â— 1 kilogram of minced pork,

â— 1 sachet of lemon salt,

â— Salt, pepper, paprika, to taste,

â— a bunch of dried dill,

Method of preparation:

For the beginning, clean the three onions, finely chop them and put them to harden in hot oil. When the onion becomes glassy, ​​add a teaspoon of paprika and mix. When the onion is sufficiently hardened, add the rice and leave it on the fire for about another 2 minutes.

Put the minced pork in a bowl, and then add salt and pepper to taste and mix. On top of this composition add previously hardened and cooled onions and rice. The composition is mixed until homogeneous.

Put boiling water in a pot and salt to taste. When it boils, the raw cabbage leaves are scalded in this juice. Put one by one in the water and leave until they become soft enough to roll the wire.

Whole cabbage leaves can be used to fill the cabbage rolls or, if they are too large, they can be cut in half. Then, spread the leaves on a chopper, put a spoonful of filling and wrap the wire. The operation is repeated until the desired number of sarmale is obtained.

Put the dried dill in two cabbage leaves and then roll them. The remaining leaves are finely chopped and mixed with grated tomatoes.

In a large enough pot, in which we are going to place the sarmales, pour oil, and then put the finely chopped cabbage, over which add the dill rolled in cabbage leaves, bay leaves and tomato juice. On this bed are placed the poor ones, over which a layer of finely chopped cabbage is sprinkled.

Meanwhile, prepare the juice in which the sarmales will boil. Thus, in two liters of water add two tablespoons of salt and a teaspoon of lemon salt. Pour this mixture obtained over the sarmales in the pot. Then put the pot on the fire and leave for two hours.