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Tortilla leaves - basic recipe

Tortilla leaves - basic recipe

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Put the flour in a bowl, add salt, then the yeast and sugar dissolved in a little warm milk.

Then we start to knead, adding little by little the milk.

We have to knead until we get an elastic dough.

At the end, add the oil and knead well until the dough does not stick to your hand.

Divide the dough into 6 equal parts, then spread each piece of dough into a round sheet and bake in a Teflon pan, without oil in it.

They are not hard and they are very good.

They are served with various fillings, we served them stuffed with chicken breast and vegetables.


These retes de quesadilla they are delicious and savory if eaten immediately. Prepared with Mexican ingredients or adapted with ingredients you already have in the fridge, you can even prepare omelettes or Italian salads.

If you want to prepare authentic quesadilla recipes try using black beans, jalapeno peppers, onions and spices in Mexican cuisine in your recipes and accompany these delicious recipes with guacamole sauce, guacamole salad or rooster beak sauce.

I leave you with some tips for quesadilla recipes to come out as tasty as possible:

  • 1. If you use oil in the pan to cook quesadilla, then the amount should be very small - just enough to grease the pan. It would be preferable to use a non-stick pan for which no oil will be needed. You can try to replace the oil with a very small amount of butter. It will bring flavor and beautiful, golden color.
  • 2. There are two cooking methods. The first in which you put the filling between two sheets of tortilla, and the second in which you use a single sheet and put the filling only in half, then fold the free half over the filling.
  • 3. You can preheat the pan before putting the tortilla sheets in the pan and the result will be tastier, the sheets will be crispier and will not soften too much with the filling.
  • 4. The cheese used must be one that melts and thus the two sheets are glued together. Mozzarella is a bit tasteless compared to other types of cheese, but I used it in a recipe with a summer touch, in Italian style.
  • 5. if you don't have a tortilla and still want a quesadilla recipe, you can use glues, but you won't do this with slices of bread because you get sandwiches, not quesadillas!

That being said, I invite you to try quesadilla recipes presented below.


Step 1: Forming a depression

On a clean surface make a pile of flour and dig a wide hole in its center. Pour in half the amount of water, then add the yeast, sugar and salt, then mix everything with a fork.

Step 2: Add the ingredients and knead

Slowly, bring the rest of the flour inside the hole, without tearing the pile, otherwise the water will spread everywhere. Continue to add flour until you have a firm paste, then add the remaining water. Continue to mix until the dough becomes consistent again, adding more and more flour until the dough becomes less sticky. Sprinkle the flour on your hands and shake them, then incorporate all the flour.

If you use black flour for bread, you will need more water, so adjust the amount of water according to the flour you use.

Next comes the kneading of the bread dough, for which you have to get really involved. With force, press, bend, hit and roll the dough several times, for 4-5 minutes, until you get a fine and elastic crust.

Sprinkle the flour over the dough, put it in a bowl, cover the bowl with foil or napkin and let it rise for 1/2 hour, until it doubles in volume - in a warm place, away from drafts and moisture. .

Step 4: Second fermentation, modeling and customization

Once the dough has doubled in volume, you need to remove the air from it. For a few seconds hit it hard. Then you can give it the desired shape depending on what you want to prepare: chopsticks, croissants, braided or stuffed bread. Put the bread in a bowl and leave to rise a second time, between 30 minutes and an hour, until it doubles in volume again.

This is the most important stage, because the second leaven will aerate the dough, giving it a fluffy and light texture, specific to fresh bread.

Carefully place the bread dough in a tray lined with flour and place it in the hot oven. Keep the tray in the oven according to the recipe. You can check if the bread has baked by beating the bottom of the tray - if it sounds empty it means that it has baked.

When ready, let the bread cool for 30 minutes.

Do not skip the stages of preparing the bread recipe, let the dough do its job, and you will enjoy a delicious homemade bread.

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Probably you are very young, you have no way of knowing that these are called in Romanian cococi, from the great-grandmother reading :-) The tortilla is composed of vinegar or something else that adds acidity.

I'm not very young:) & # 8230 probably says so, I took a recipe from a blog I did not have time to inform myself correctly, however I think that if you use baking powder is enough, anyway if you have the recipe I would be happy to write the original, I would like to try it at least to be able to make a comparison. Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you find interesting recipes :)


Maybe you can tell me how I can subscribe to Amalia's recipes.

I apologize. I didn't show up. My name is Valentina.
I'm waiting for instructions. Goodbye

Valentina sorry I just saw your message :). I did not subscribe to anyone but in principle it should work like this: Look at the top right write & # 8222subscribe to my recipes & # 8221, then & # 8222Postari & # 8221, click on the right arrow and you appears right below everything & # 8222my yahoo & # 8221 click. If it doesn't work, please send me an email at [email protected] and I will answer you. A beautiful day !

Excuse me for sticking in. But tortilla is not nearly what you made here. Tortilla is a recipe specific to both Spain and France (in both countries there are only a few different) with the same basic ingredients : potatoes and eggs. I don't know from which blog you got the recipe but the name is totally wrong (for what you did)
I praise you for the other recipes!

Anonymous no problem for clarifications, I would be happy if you would write the recipe to try it and take it out & # 8230 I think I took it from the net, I suffered with others & # 8230if I agree I think the potato tortilla is a thing with potatoes that are fried and eggs are added & # 8230 unfortunately I didn't inform much about a recipe, I try it and that's it. Thank you again and if you have time to write my recipe I would be grateful.

The Spanish tortilla is an omelette with potatoes and possibly onions. Is this from the Mexicans? what are you using it for that I fill it with salad of vegetables and parmesan sauce so roll like a pancake ummmmmm que rico!

I really like your recipes, I would like to subscribe too. [email protected]
congratulations for the blog. Diana

Diana from mexixani e :)), to subscribe see that on the top right write Subscribe to Posts or Comments click on Posts


The tortilla is very good and I agree with Dumitru.

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), March 21, 2010

It is very good . Congratulations !

catalina, October 14, 2009

I add potatoes, onions and egg and it comes out like in the picture I'm attaching now!

I also tried the potato tortilla. it turned out well. delicious

I subscribe to what Gabriela said. That's the real recipe for tortillas.

Cely Snijec (Chef), March 26, 2009

How many bordeaux are so customary. And our sarmales are made in different ways.

For the tortilla, the basic products are potatoes and onions, after which you can add tuna or zucchini, chicken breast or sausages. Peeled potatoes are cut into very thin rounds, the onions are finely chopped, mixed with the potatoes and put to simmer together until they can be crushed with a fork. Remove from the oil and place in the bowl in which the eggs were previously beaten with salt and a little milk. Mix well and put in a pan greased with a little oil, let it brown a little and turn with a plate. Turn a few times until it looks golden on both sides and the inside should remain fragile.

What is in the photo does not look like a tortilla at all. I stayed in Spain for 3 years (VALENCIA) and I ate the real tortilla - it can also be made with potatoes. From Spain I know how to make paella and more Spanish food, I really like Spanish food.

Dumitru, September 30, 2008

Tortilla de patatas, meaning Spanish omelette, originated in Aragón, Spain, in the 19th century when a restaurant once had a very large order of tortillas for the army and did not have enough eggs for everyone. The owner thought of mixing beaten egg with lightly fried potatoes (it looks like more food) and it had been such a brilliant idea that it has spread around the world and is now a food representative of Spain and Spanish culture.

But what is an tortilla?

It is a flat bread made from wheat or corn flour.

The original ones were originally prepared by the population of Central America. And, of course, it was not made with corn flour but with corn. This is a variety of corn grown by the natives of Mexico.

It is still the most popular recipe in Mexico. This is even if in the meantime, in the whole world, the one cooked with wheat flour is the best known.

With these tortilla I made a delicious one chicken enchiladas, full of flavors but also tacos, another famous Mexican snack.

Homemade tacos

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Croissants with homemade puff pastry

Croissants, only when I hear this name do I melt with lust. For me, the ideal breakfast consists of a cup of coffee and a croissant, sometimes even two, I admit. I like simple, filled with chocolate or vanilla cream, berry jam or apricot. What's more, I'm not saying no to any kind of croissant. The satisfaction is so great when we prepare them in our own kitchen, that it is worth trying at least once. Don't be frightened by the recipe, it's not out of the ordinary, but not impossible to do. The legends created around these delicious pastries are many, one of them, present in Larousse Gastronomique since 1938, he tells us that the croissant (in French croissant means crescent), was first baked in Budapest, in 1686, the year in which the Ottomans besieged this beautiful city. To reach the heart of the city, they dug tunnels, but were discovered by the city's bakers who sounded the alarm. Thanks to them, the Ottomans were driven out, and bakers created this crescent-shaped dessert, the emblem of the Ottoman flag. It was not until 1853 that the recipe for the famous croissants appeared in Food substances, in the section & # 8222Luxury Bread & # 8221. It is said that Queen Maria Antoaneta's breakfast included a croissant, a custom she had had since childhood.

If I made you want it, I invite you to try this croissants recipe. I am sure that you will come out at least as beautiful and appetizing as the ones in the pictures below.

Method of preparation

Pasta with goat cheese, spinach and chilli

1. Boil the pasta in boiling salted water. . 2. Heat the oil in a pan

Tortellini with yogurt and ham sauce

Boil the tortellini in salted water for 10 minutes (introduce them when the water boils). ham