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Instagrammers Discover That McDonald’s Has a Millennial-Pink Soft Serve

Instagrammers Discover That McDonald’s Has a Millennial-Pink Soft Serve

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The pretty cones are being sold at locations in Malaysia and Singapore

McDonald’s has been serving this lychee flavored ice cream for the past two summers.

Millennial pink is the color of 2017. The rosy — or is it rosé? — hue has popped up in every sort of product from cosmetics and kitchen utensils to fashion and technology. Instagrammers from across the globe have made pilgrimage to the famed pink Paul Smith wall in Los Angeles just to take a photo, and now people are acting the same way toward some McDonald’s locations in Southeast Asia.

The reason? The fast food chain is serving millennial-pink soft serve ice cream at their Malaysia and Singapore locations and its giving us a major dose of wanderlust.

Although the flavor has been around for the past two summers, the pleasingly pink cones have only recently become popular on Instagram. IG users who have visited the Asian locations are posting pretty pictures with their ice creams and it’s making us want to book a flight to Singapore ASAP just for that perfect summer pic. The creamy treat can be made solidly pink or served with a snow white vanilla swirl, depending on your preference and Instagram aesthetic.

Although when we see pink we automatically think strawberry, the soft serve is actually lychee flavored. If you’ve tasted lychee frozen yogurt or sampled an actual fruit, then you know that lychees are uniquely tart and sweet without being overwhelming.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has released a #foodporn-worthy cone. Check out what the soft serve looked like on their Minion themed menu

Watch the video: Enjoying a Soft Serve VANILLA ICE CREAM Cone from McDonalds #shorts (August 2022).