Strawberry cheesecake

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Cream no.1: We start with the gelatin that we hydrate in the water so that it is covered.

Mix the mascarpone with the cottage cheese, sugar, a little salt, essence and vanilla sugar until the sugar is no longer felt, then add the whipped cream and mix well the whole composition.

Melt the gelatine on a steam bath, and when it is completely diluted, pour it thinly over the cream, mixing vigorously to spread evenly throughout the composition.

Peel 10-15 strawberries and cut them in half and place them in a form lined with food foil.

Spread the cream evenly over the strawberries and put the form back in the fridge until we prepare the second cream.

For cream no. 2 : put the gelatin in the water to hydrate and leave it until the cream is ready.

We pass the washed and cleaned strawberries through a blender.

Mix the cheese with the sugar and a little salt, then mix it with the whipped cream and finally add the mashed strawberries.

Melt the gelatin on a steam bath and immediately add it over the cream and mix vigorously until everything is well blended.

Remove the form from the fridge and spread the strawberry cream in an even layer over the other cream, which is almost coagulated.

Refrigerate for a few hours until the creams are thick enough to serve the cheesecake.

It coagulated very well and could already be served after 2 hours in the refrigerator.

I didn't use the cookies as a countertop. But you can make a cookie sheet and melted butter.

Garnish with whipped cream and strawberries.