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Cozy Comfort Food Recipes

Cozy Comfort Food Recipes

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Comfort food recipes that are almost as good as a hug

Jane Bruce

Beef Stew

Comfort foods are back — in a big way. Yes, it's important to eat healthy meals and lots of fruits and vegetables, but sometimes you just need that warm, goeey, cheesey satisfaction in your life to make you forget about the deadline coming up or all of the projects you need to work on. Sometimes that extra bit of comfort feels like the warm hug from your mother you've been missing and that much-needed TLC.

So when you're craving that childhood favorite that can soothe like nothing else can, or that pasta your dad makes to perfection, try your hand at one of our favorite comfort food recipes below.

My first peach cobbler was from a hole-in-the-wall bakery in Old Town Pasadena...

— Jessica Chou

What is more comforting on a cool winter night than roasted fingerling potatoes and rosemary with a nice big slice of meatloaf? Not much...

— Allison Beck

Is there any single food associated with warmth, healing, and comfort more frequently than chicken soup?

— Claire Bullen

Pasta is my ultimate comfort food: Whenever I'm feeling down, tired, or super hungry, pasta with slightly spicy tomato sauce is the dish I crave...

— Yasmin Fahr

Eggplant parmesan was a staple in my house growing up...

— Jane Bruce

As far as I'm concerned, soup (and chowder in particular) gets top billing on the comfort food circuit...

— Maryse Chevriere

When the weather turns cold and the thought of a cozy meal to warm you up from the inside out sounds more and more appealing...

— Carly Goldsmith

Here's my twist on chicken enchiladas. Red sauce is great and all...

— Will Budiaman

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